Rihanna and Chris Brown Show Off Matching Rolex Watches; Back Together? (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

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(Photo: Twitter/Rihanna/Chris Brown)Rihanna and Chris Brown show off their matching Rolex watches via their Twitter accounts.

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen sporting matching rolex watches, in what some are saying is a further sign the two have rekindled their romance.

It has been reported for months now that the former couple had gotten back together, but the duo have both refused to confirm or deny the rumors. Instead enjoying creating further publicity and dropping hints at every opportunity.

Recently Rihanna posted photos onto her Twitter account showing Chris Brown, apparently showing that they had spent Thanksgiving together in Berlin, Germany.

Now they have each taken to their social media accounts to share photos of their rolex watches, obviously dropping a further hint that the watches are matching and providing another indication that they are back together.

In other news it was also recently reported that Rihanna had emerged from a London hotel room this week after allegedly falling ill with exhaustion following her performance on the UK version of the X-Factor.

Rihanna had spent more than two days in her hotel room after telling fans that she was feeling sick after her X-Factor performance, in which she was drenched with artificial rain.

The 24 year old singer emerged at around 2.30 a.m. Local time looking pale and fragile and was eating an orange at the time.

Some have said that her 777 Tour has finally paid its toll on the Barbadian singer, and that the rest was absolutely necessary to regain her strength and prepare to launch herself into her schedule again.

She had expressed joy at registering number 1's in both the U.K. And U.S. Charts, but also kept her fans updated on her condition via Twitter.

She tweeted,

@rihanna: "#UNAPOLOGETIC has debuted at number 1 here in the UK!!! Thank you guys for owning **** this week!! See you tonight on #Xfactor."

‏@rihanna: "I miss my pool!! This cold a## weather out here! I'm not made for dis!"

@rihanna: "I hate being sick!! I don't wanna do **** or talk to anybody right now!!! Can't even swallow, and that's no bueno!!"

@rihanna: "From dusk til dusk... Still can't get outta bed! Hating everything right now."

@rihanna: "Wait!!!!! What the ****?!!!! #UNAPOLOGETIC just debuted at #1 in AMERICA!!!!! My first number 1 album there!!! Thank you Navy, u deserve it."

‏@rihanna: "I'm legit crying like a ***** right now!! #UNAPOLOGETIC."

She had previously also been interviewed on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the U.K. By Nick Grimshaw. She told him, "I'm a little sick right now but I'm not affected by it, I'm in a great mood - I'm getting a bit of a cold. It was fun. It was exhausting... it was definitely different doing your job but with 200 guests coming along with you - they want you to get drunk after the show. Most of the plane rides were two hours to four hours... I used my time wisely... I didn't party too hard. I had to save my voice - sometimes you wish you could give more."

"It's good to have some time to sleep you need it, as much as I like to push through it I am realizing it doesn't work in the long run because you get sick and your schedule's shot so if you pace it the right way... [After a tour I] just do nothing... It's really fun, we have a great time on tour, we do, but at the same time it's exhausting and it's exhausting for everyone."

Here is a video of Rihanna's X-Factor performance during her stay in London: