Rihanna Attacks 'Weak' Fan Over Whitney Houston Drug Use Comparisons

Rihanna recently lashed out at a fan via social networking site Instagram after being compared for her troubling behavior to the late Whitney Houston.

The Bajan singer, 24, slammed one of her Instagram followers as "weak" after the user, with the username grecyaa, suggested that Rihanna may be destined for a fate that is similar to Houston due to her consistent drug use. Rihanna is often photographed smoking suspicious cigarettes, and her response appeared to confirm that she does in fact smoke marijuana.

"And she is going to end up like Whitney if she keep doing drugs like she doing right now," Grecyaa wrote to the singer, who posted a photo of herself smoking what appeared to be a "joint."

"Yeah cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint!! F--- outta here you weak b----!!" an irate Rihanna responded.

The singer has reportedly been struggling emotionally with her on-and-off relationship with Chris Brown, 23. Despite reconciling in recent months, the exes have allegedly decided to take a break following claims that he has since gone back to his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, 24.

"He talks to Karrueche everyday by text and Kae is holding it down for him," a source told HollywoodLife.com adding "He ain't talked to Rihanna in two or three days. They given each other some space but they cool. They good."

Christina Milian, who is said to be a good friend of both Brown and Tran, recently addressed claims that Brown is still involved with Rihanna.

"From what I've always known, [Karrueche's] his girlfriend. That's where it lies for me," Milian said during a recent appearance on the "Wendy Williams Show."

"I see everything in the media, but I don't really get into the detail of it. But I think everyone has their own lives and how they deal with things. They have the right to handle it how they want," she went on. "Karrueche is a sweetheart and I think they make a great couple. I do love her. She's a really good friend of mine."