Rihanna Bloody Knee: Crazed Fan Throws Bottle at Singer in London (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(PHOTOS) REUTERS/Mario AnzuoniRihanna and Chris Brown at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 10, 2013.

Rihanna suffered a bloody knee this weekend after someone threw a bottle at her for dating Chris Brown, according to The Daily Mail.

The bottle was thrown by a disgruntled "fan" who confronted the singer at a club this weekend. The fan was reportedly shouting about Chris Brown at the time, and it is believed that the singer's recent announcement that she was again dating Chris Brown did not sit well with them.

The incident took place outside The Box nightclub, and reportedly involved a Lucozade bottle. It is believed that the thrown bottle caused Rihanna to fall to the floor against a shop shutter and bang her knee, which resulted in a small gash.

Rihanna did receive medical assistance following the incident, according to The Daily Mail.

The "Shut Up and Drive" singer is currently in England for London Fashion Week where she presented her first clothing collection for high street store River Island.

Rihanna was seen out clubbing on Saturday night after her work on the clothing line.

The news comes just days after Rihanna reportedly ignored Chris Brown as the pair visited Hollywood club, Playhouse.

According to various media reports, the pair, supposedly back together, arrived at the venue separately, and once there refused to speak to one another.

Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, have been the target of continued rumors over recent months about them getting back together, and recently Rihanna confirmed that they were once again dating. The decision has caught the criticism of many onlookers, who disagree that Rihanna should give Brown another chance after he was found guilty of physically abusing her a few years back.

However, Rihanna has said that if her decision to date Brown was a mistake, it was her mistake and she would live with it.

But things seemed far from perfect in their relationship, according to Us Weekly, who reported that the pair were "not on speaking terms." Apparently the pair simply joined their own separate set of friends and went about their nights as if the other were not there.

"She refused to sit with or even near him," a source has told Us Weekly. "When she noticed he was there, she made a huge show of rubbing her presence in his face."

Here is a video of Rihanna's visit to London this past weekend: