Rihanna Disses Kendall Jenner on Instagram? (PHOTO)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: BadGalRiRiRihanna poses on her private jet

Rihanna recently caused a stir on social networking site Instagram after the singer allegedly dissed reality TV star Kendall Jenner.

Jenner, who is the younger sister of E! Reality star Kim Kardashian, took to Twitter Sunday where she shared her enthusiasm about Rihanna's upcoming Los Angeles show. Rihanna is set to take her "Diamonds" world tour to the Staples Center on Monday.

"If Rihanna doesn't perform Complicated tomorrow I'm gunna be very upset #FavSong!" an excited Jenner tweeted.

A fan shared a snapshot of Jenner's tweet on Instagram, which prompted a blunt response from Rihanna, 25.

"Well don't come," a message from the Instagram user name BadGalRiri read. Rihanna's official Instagram account uses the same name.

It is still unclear whether Rihanna is personally responsible for the message, but fans immediately flocked to social networking sites to weigh in on the matter. While Jenner, 17, is yet to address the post some critics are questioning whether it is fake.

"Yeah, that tweet to Kendall by Rihanna is so fake. She didn't even mention her in the tweet," one user speculated.

"Can't believe what rihanna said to Kendall that's actually so rude it's made me not even wanna go to her concert like she seems so obnoxious," one irate user wrote.

"Rihanna's comment to kendall is the best thing I'm sure she cried," one seemingly impressed user wrote.

(PHOTO) Instagram: RihCoversAn Instagram post appears to show Rihanna diss Kendall Jenner

The tweet scandal comes just weeks after it was claimed that the outspoken Bajan singer had been advised to curb her partying or risk losing the tour. Rihanna recently suffered a bout of laryngitis which forced her to cancel at least two shows, and doctors have since asked the singer to reduce her partying.

"Rihanna's illness was so severe that doctors warned it could take months for her to fully recover- there were worries that she'd have to cancel her entire tour," a source told Heat magazine.

"She was forced to cancel two of her Diamonds dates in Baltimore and Boston after coming down with laryngitis," the source said. "She has since resumed the tour and promised to reschedule the cancelled shows."

The 24-year-old pop singer is completely open about her hard partying, with the singer regularly sharing controversial photos of marijuana and alcohol on social networking sites. The expert warning is believed to have served as a wake up call for her.

"They've told her that she needs to make some serious lifestyle changes, or risk this happening again. This has given her a scare but Rihanna knows it's partly self-inflicted," the source revealed.