Rihanna in 'Where Have You Been' Video Shoot, Topless but Unhappy? (VIDEO)

Rihanna has frequently positioned herself in negative spotlight by posting lewd pictures of herself on social media sites, but despite her reckless behavior, the singer has admitted that she is actually ready to settle down.

Rihanna is currently facing controversy for posting a picture of herself topless on Twitter while on the set shooting her newest music video "Where Have You Been." The photo is not the first posted by the 24-year-old, which has drawn negative attention to the R&B star.

Some have questioned whether Rihanna's behavior isn't the result of a lack of self-esteem, possibly derived after the star's previous failed relationships. Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, both a psychologist and marriage and family counselor, has suggested that drawing attention through sexuality and using it as a sense of power is a way to feign self-esteem. However, Dr. Hartwell-Walker warns that such behavior can interfere with finding a stable relationship.

According to Walker, overtly sexual behavior for the sake of seeking attention can harm the "chances of finding a stable, loving relationship based on mutual love and regard."

Despite her risqué behavior, Rihanna has admitted that what she is really interested in is someone to share her life with.

"I'm not looking, [but] I would not tell you that [being single] is something to enjoy," the singer said during a recent interview with British radio personality Jonathan Ross.

"Single life is just so overrated. It sucks. You always want to be single when you're in a relationship, but it's no bueno," she told Ross. "I think that I have such incredible experiences that, you don't want to live your life and meet someone; you want to share your life with someone. That's what I'm missing right now."

Earlier this month Rihanna also posted photos of herself at a strip club, dancing with other female strippers.

"My daddy would be proud," the star tweeted in one caption although she later admitted that she had been drunk, and felt remorse.

"Woke up repenting!! Feelin like a sinner," the singer said a day later.