Rihanna Intruder Not Charged; Singer Unharmed After Tresspassing Scare

Rihanna was reportedly left shaken after a suspected intruder was able to enter her secluded vacation home during her recent stay in her native of Barbados.

The Bajan singer, who was lounging by the pool area at the time, was left unharmed after a German man made his way onto her private balcony area on Sunday before being escorted away by security and later being questioned by police. Despite reports claiming that the man was a crazed fan, police determined that the incident was a simple misunderstanding and did not charge him, according to TMZ.com.

It is understood that the man, whose identity has not been released, came within 12 Ft of Rihanna, 24, although police believe his claims that he was unaware that he was not permitted in that particular area. The singer was photographed leaving the luxury villa the following day.

"The guy got to within about 10 feet of where Rihanna was sitting before he was apprehended by security," a source reportedly told The Sun UK.
"He looked fairly harmless but it was a little too close for comfort.'

The "Diamonds" singer appears to have spent much of her brief vacation time dealing with drama as opposed to relaxing. On Monday, while still possibly shaken up by the trespassing incident, she attacked a fan via social networking site Instagram over a comment that the fan made about one of her photos.

Rihanna uploaded a photo of herself smoking what appeared to be a joint when the follower
with the username grecyaa, suggested that she may be destined for a fate that is similar to the late Whitney Houston due to her consistent drug use.

"And she is going to end up like Whitney if she keep doing drugs like she doing right now," Grecyaa wrote to the singer.

"Yeah cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint!! F--- outta here you weak b----!!" an irate Rihanna responded.

While a number of critics have since slammed the singer's bizarre response, she has not yet responded to calls for an apology.