Rihanna on Saturday Night Live: Extravagant Performances Blow Fans Away

Rihanna offered some unique performances on Saturday Night Live, performing with some elaborate sets that contained a spider-theme at one point, in a showing that will be sure to delight her fans.

Although Rihanna did not take part in the comedy action she gave some memorable performances of "Birthday Cake," leaving out Chris Brown, as well as "Talk That Talk."

The singer also went on to perform "Where Have You Been," which featured one of the most elaborate sets ever seen on Saturday Night Live. Rihanna's performance boasted drummers and about a dozen dancers, and also carried an Arabian theme. Rihanna's fans will have adored the performance, as she showed off some of her dance moves as she belted out the number.

Even though Rihanna did not feature in any of the Saturday Night Live skits, Eli Manning turned in a fantastic performance. Manning may have been nervous about hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time, but the Super Bowl champ proved he can even succeed when it comes to comedy.

The New York Giants quarterback had previously turned down the chance to host Saturday Night Live, partly because his brother had so successfully hosted it the year before, and he wanted to avoid the obvious comparisons that would have ensued. However, on yesterday's showing he needn't have been worried, as he gave a great performance.

"It's great to be here hosting Saturday Night Live," the New York Giants quarterback said in his opening monologue. "After two Super Bowls this is definitely the third most exciting night of my life."