Rihanna Pregnant: Singer Does Not Deny Latest Rumors

The recent cancellation of singer Rihanna’s tour dates may have less to do with the flu, and more to do with a possible pregnancy.

After one person mentioned the singer being pregnant in a tweet,“@ Rihanna's pregnant but had four boyfriends last month” Rihanna quickly reacted.

"Hello, you must be my p*ssy! Nice to meet you," Rihanna tweeted on Tuesday, failing to deny the rumor.

A source close to Rihanna told MediaTakeOut.com those who work closely with the singer suspect she had to cancel two shows in the same week for more than a common illness.

"[The word] was that Robyn [Rihanna] had the flu, but we all suspect it's more than just that,” said the source.

The singer, who has incorporated drinking on stage in her tour, has also stopped consuming alcohol, the source told media takeout. The lack of alcohol has been fuel for claims of the singer’s pregnancy.

“She's no longer drinking which is big for her, and she has a doctor traveling with us," the source said.

The source noted the singer was advised to take it easy by a medical professional, and she even changed her behavior.

"Rihanna no longer carries anything,” the source said. “And she is on doctors orders to take it easy for the remainder of the tour."

After Rihanna was forced to cancel her tour in Sweden, the singer reached out to fans. However, she credited the flu for the cause of her inability to perform.

"I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo [Sweden]. I was so excited to perform for you all,” said Rihanna to her fans last week. “It would have been a great time…so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I'm really disappointed I couldn't be there."

While concrete proof of the singer’s pregnancy has yet to surface, Rihanna is gearing up for the release of her sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk” to be released Nov. 21.