Rihanna Ready to Defend Chris Brown in Court?

Rihanna, chart-topping Barbadian pop star, is reportedly defending her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in court three years after the pair made headlines for a violent domestic dispute.

Brown reportedly tested positive for traces of cannabis in his system, according to TMZ, although he reportedly produced proof that he was granted permission to legally consume medical marijuana in California. While compulsory drug tests are not reportedly a part of Brown's probation terms stemming from the 2009 domestic dispute, the 23-year-old singer has reportedly been given another court date in November to determine whether his drug use was a violation of his probation terms.

RadarOnline reports that Rihanna has offered to come to Brown's aid by appearing before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg to speak about the singer regretting his actions that took place in 2009 and left the Barbadian singer battered.

''Rihanna has spoken to Chris since his progress reporting hearing on Monday afternoon and offered her continued support," a source told RadarOnline. "Rihanna told Chris she would go to court on November 1 for his court appearance and tell Judge Patricia Schnegg that she shouldn't set a hearing to decide if he violated terms of his probation because he has accepted responsibility for his actions and has apologised to RiRi on multiple occasions. Rihanna would also tell the judge that Chris isn't the same person now, as he was on that fateful night when he assaulted her.''

The source reportedly told the website that Rihanna isn't concerned with people's disapproval of her backing a man who once abused her.

"Rihanna doesn't care if she is criticized for standing by Chris, she genuinely loves him,'' the source reportedly told RadarOnline.

Rihanna has made it clear that she forgives Brown for his past indiscretions in an interview with media maven Oprah Winfrey last month.

"I still love him," Rihanna told Winfrey in her interview last month. "We're very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will."