Rihanna See Through Shirt: Singer Blames Camera Flash

Rihanna was recently spotted out and about in New York City, wearing an in appropriate top that revealed her chest. The singer however, has said that the revealing garment was no fault of her own.

Rihanna stepped out in New York City wearing ripped jeans, boots, and a black knit shirt with no bra, which left her chest fully exposed.

While the R&B singer appeared friendly, and readily volunteered herself when asked to take photographs with adoring fans some fans, still questioned her wardrobe decision.

When Rihanna was questioned by a fan as to whether or not she was aware of the "racy pics" that were being taken she replied, "You mean my t-----?" she said, according to TMZ.

She then appeared to blame the camera flash for making her shirt appear more revealing than it was.

"You come up with the flash man!" Rihanna exclaimed.

Other sites disagreed with Rihanna's assessment of the situation.

"Sometimes celebs will go out in an outfit and think it looks one way in front of the mirror only to have the flashing bulbs of the paps reveal a full monty situation," wrote MTV News. "But this? This does not look like that was the case. I'm pretty sure Rihanna's actually wearing a mesh shirt, and we all know mesh is reserved for basketball uniforms ONLY."

"RiHanna is very pretty, but what takes away from that beauty is her need to dress provocatively. It's obvious by the words that come out of her mouth that she clearly knows what she is doing, and loves the attention by the public and/or Chris Brown," Sharmae said on the TMZ blog.

"It's very sad to see someone who is so afraid to stand on their own merits and talents feel the need to expose themselves (Paris Hilton, Kim K, etc.) because that is what sells and brings them the cash," she added.