Rihanna, Shirley Manson Disagree With Beyonce?

Rihanna, the 25-year-old recording artist, recently seemed to show her disapproval for fellow singer Beyonce Knowles' song "Bow Down" that was released earlier this year.

Knowles, 32, was criticized by the likes of fellow singer Shirley Manson for releasing the song "Bow Down" that some felt demeaned women. Knowles used profane lyrics to refer to women in the release, filled with more expletives than the singer's fans are not used to hearing come from the Houston, Texas native.

When Manson took to Instagram to speak about her issue with celebrities telling others to "bow down," Rihanna liked the comment.

"A lot of celebrities just want money, fame, power, fancy cars, houses all over the world and have people bow down to them," Manson posted in a picture quotation on Instagram. "To me, that's frightful behavior."

Although Hollywood Life reported that Rihanna liked the photograph, Manson did not mention Knowles by name. However, the entertainment website speculated that both women were speaking about the 31-year-old mother and singer after Manson spoke negatively about reports that Knowles wanted to restrict unauthorized photography on her tour in the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

"Who knows what her motivations were, but I am somewhat baffled to even begin to understand why this unstoppable force, this incredible performer, this fully empowered business woman and successful star has allowed herself to be flapped by what the media has deemed 'unflattering' images," Manson said of Knowles in the Guardian.

Rihanna has also seemingly taken a jab at Knowles in the past. The 25-year-old Barbadian singer, was named "the most influential music star in the UK" by 4music.com, beating out Knowles for the honor and bragged about the feat on Instagram.

"I only know how to be number 1!! I could use a challenge," Rihanna wrote on Instagram. "How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!"

The message came weeks after Beyonce released her bravado-laden track "Bow Down," where the singer spoke about being the number one singer in the music business.

"I'm the number one chick, ain't need no hype," Beyonce sings in "Bow Down."

Knowles was questioned about a rivalry between herself and Rihanna in a 2011 interview with Complex Magazine.

"There is room on this earth for many queens. I have an authentic, God-given talent, drive, and longevity that will always separate me from everyone else," Beyonce told Complex. "I've been fortunate to accomplish things that the younger generation of queens dream of accomplishing. I have no desire for anyone else's throne. I am very comfortable in the throne I've been building for the past 15 years."