Rihanna White Powder Pictures Pot, Not Cocaine

Rihanna celebrated a good time at the "Coachella" music festival over the past weekend, posting many pictures via Instagram on her Twitter account. One picture however has stirred controversy, as some believe the star is depicted using cocaine.

The California music festival will be entering its second series of events this weekend. Rihanna, who attended the first weekend of festivities, also took to posting pictures of herself at the music fest on Twitter.

The pictures depict her sitting atop a man's shoulders as he travels through the crowds of people. One picture however, that has come into question by many of Rihanna's fans, reveals a pile of white power on top of the man's bald head. It appears that Rihanna is cutting the powder and in a later photo she looks as though she as inhaling something.

Some immediately suspected that the white powder was cocaine. Despite the immediate suggestions however, others insisted that the substance was marijuana and that the R&B star was rolling a blunt.

"Hello? She's breaking up marijuana to roll into a blunt that you see her SMOKING in the later pictures," Carolee Scalisi said on the Daily Mirror.

The singer also later mentioned "420 day" on her Twitter account. Friday April 20th marks the day that many will celebrate as national marijuana consumption day. The counter culture holiday often involves many openly smoking marijuana in the streets. Others attach a sense of political activism to the event, attempting to advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

Many celebrities have advocated the leagalization of marijuana. Snoop Dogg suggested that he would even offer some to President Obama, before attempting to argue drug laws.

"Before I even said hi to President Obama I would change the aroma of the room … And then we could start conversing after we had that aroma change," Snoop Dogg said according to the Daily News.

Other celebrity advocates include Megan Fox, Alanis Morissette, Melissa Etheridge, and Jack Nicholson.