Rihanna's Boston Bombing Photograph Sparks Debate

Rihanna, the 25-year-old Barbadian singer, recently raised some eyebrows when she posted a bloodied image of an injured individual from the bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon Monday.

The singer took to her Instagram photograph sharing account to feature an image of a male covering an injured female with his body with blood splattered on the ground and a blood-stained American flag nearby. While the male seemed to be alive and distraught, the female laid seemingly lifeless beneath him.

Rihanna wrote a caption for the photograph, highlighting the emotion that it envoked.

"Heartbreaking #PrayforBoston," the singer's caption on Instagram read.

However, Rihanna's image sparked a debate on the social networking website.

Some people disagreed with her choice to post the image on her social networking website for millions of fans to see.

"What if this was your family/son/daughter ? This is sooo extremely disrespectful," one person commented on the photograph. "Point, blank, period! ..If you don't think so, then maybe you're blinded by Rihanna's fame...Don't get it twisted."

Another individual disagreed with the assessment, pointing out that Rihanna was not the first person to post the image.

"Guys this picture was all over the news and media when the thing started, before Rihanna's posted it, so like its already been exploited," the individual commented on Rihanna's photograph.

Rihanna has not been the only celebrity to take heat for her reaction to the bombing in Boston. On Monday, some people criticized reality television star Kim Kardashian after she promoted her mother Kris Jenner's QVC appearance on Twitter amid the bombing.

However, Kardashian, 31, later deleted her message and offered her prayers for Boston.

"My heart is breaking for everyone affected or injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon," Kardashian tweeted. "God bless you all! My prayers are with you!"