Riley Sheahan, NHL Prospect, Arrested 'Super Drunk' in Teletubby Costume (VIDEO)

Riley Sheahan, a prospect for the NHL's Detroit Red Wings, was arrested in a purple Teletubby costume while driving "super drunk." The 20-year-old hockey player was driving in Grand Rapids, Mich. Oct. 29 when he was pulled over in the Halloween costume.

Riley Sheahan's arrest came while the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey player had a .30 blood alcohol content, leading to the "super drunk" designation he received— it was four times the legal limit and twice the limit required for the title. If Sheahan is convicted by the tough Michigan law, he will lose his license for 45 days, he must undergo mandatory alcohol treatment, and faces fines up to $8,000 with jail time of up to 180 days, according to

And that's just for driving "super drunk." In addition to driving while extremely intoxicated, he had fellow Griffins player Brendan Smith's I.D., which meant he was charged with giving false information to police officers. Police found the I.D. when they spotted him driving the wrong way down Ottawa Avenue NW in a Jeep Wrangler.

On top of the slew of charges, Sheahan was born in St. Catherine's Ontario, which means as a Canadian citizen, he risked being deported for his crimes. The seriousness of his situation was not overlooked by the Detroit Red Wings.

Sheahan is "getting help right now and will continue to get help," Red Wings assistant general manager Jim Nill told Fox Sports.

Despite the grave situation, the comical aspect of Sheahan's crime— getting pulled out of a car while in a Tinky Winky "Teletubby" costume— has not been lost on fans and commentators alike.

"It wasn't a television screen in Sheahan's belly. It was lots and lots of alcohol," wrote Harrison Mooney for Yahoo! Sports.

"This is something no professional sports figure should ever live down. They should give hima special emblem on his uniform," wrote AcunningDisguise on the Huffington Post blog.

"Drinky Winky?" wrote user on the Yahoo! Sports blog.

Shehan's court date is Dec. 13.