Rob Kardashian's Tattoo of Kris Jenner's Face (PHOTO)

Rob Kardashian recently showed off a new tattoo of his mother Kris Jenner, whose face he chose to ink on his right arm.

The 25-year-old tweeted a photo of the tattoo on Monday alongside the photo caption "GOOD," sparking a frenzy among his 3 million followers.

It is still unclear what inspired the only son of Jenner, 56, to tattoo her face on his arm although it has been reported that it matches a tattoo of his late father, Robert Kardashian, which was inked on Kardashian's left arm.

Kardashian surprised Jenner with the tattoo on a recent episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" during a trip to a Malibu winery where Jenner and her friends were celebrating her life.

Although Jenner appeared to be outraged by Kardashian's new ink, she admitted that she did appreciate the gesture.

A number of critics were shocked that Kardashian tattooed his mother's face, particularly because he was reduced to tears on Sunday night's episode of the E! reality TV show over the way in which Jenner treats him.

During a family therapy session, Rob Kardashian, who was joined by his three older sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, as well as Jenner, opened up about some of the challenges he faces as the only male member of the Kardashian family.

"They all kind of put this cloud on me like I'm a loser," Rob told the therapist, who responded by asking him "What do you say when people do that?"

"I mean I don't say anything because I don't believe it," Rob explained before Kim, 31, interjected with "But then you blow up later!"

"No I blow up later because when there's a business opportunity all my Mom cares about is the three girls, and whenever I say I wanna open up a men's store--" he went on to say before being interrupted.

"They don't understand ..." a sobbing Rob said before walking out of the room as Khloe followed behind him.

Kardashian had argued that Jenner favors her second eldest daughter, Kim, above her other children and both Kourtney and Khloe agreed.

(PHOTO) Twitter: @975wabdRob Kardashian tattoos Kris Jenner's face