Rob Pattinson Kissing Kristen Stewart After Cheating Scandal (PHOTO)

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed kissing at the actress' new Los Feliz mansion on Wednesday, fueling reports that they have reconciled.

The pair, who were rocked by a cheating scandal in July, are yet to confirm that they are back together although the surprising photographs, which were published by, appear to confirm that they are indeed a couple.

Pattinson, 26, was understandably left devastated when Stewart, 22, publicly admitted to having a secret tryst with her married "Snow White and The Hunstman" director Rupert Sanders following the release of intimate photos of the duo. The "Twilight" star appears to have recovered from his heartbreak, as he is seen smiling and laughing with Stewart in the new photos.

"Kristen is working hard to try and force the relationship into what it was before. But the truth is, she's going to have to take it slowly with Robert because he's still having trouble trusting her again," a source reportedly told

"For him to carry on like nothing happened is very hard. Kristen is eternally sorry for cheating on him and he has forgiven her -- kind of. The problem is he can't forget her infidelity. Kristen claims that she never actually slept with Rupert Sanders, but Robert still has that nagging feeling of doubt that she did," the source went on.

Stewart recently purchased the $2.195m Los Angeles mansion to be closer to Pattinson, according to reports. The actor moved out of their shared home just days after Stewart's cheating admission, prompting her to leave soon after.

"It's too early for him to fully accept that they're an item again, but Kristen is pushing for them to go back to how they were," the source said.

The pair, who have been dating for three years, have been spotted out together publicly in recent days adding credence to the theory that Pattinson has forgiven Stewart.

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