Robert Downey Jr 'Excited' About Wife's Pregnancy

“Iron Man” actor Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Levin are expecting their first child together, a spokesperson for the star said Wednesday.

“Robert and Susan could not be more excited over this news. They can’t wait to welcome this new baby into their wonderful family,” Downey’s spokesperson told People magazine.

The baby is due in early 2012.

Levin’s aunt, Nancy Miller, said that she think the pregnancy is “wonderful.” She said she learned the news three weeks ago from her brother, and Levin’s father.

“Her parents are over the moon about it,” reported Miller. “It [doesn’t] matter if it’s a boy or girl. What really matters is that the baby is healthy.”

Married in 2005, Downey met Levin two year earlier on the set of “Gothika.”

Downey, 46, is already a father to Indio, his 17-year-old son with ex-wife Deborah Falconer.

According to an interview in 2007, Downey enjoys fatherhood. He described his son, saying Indio is “gifted and artistic and has a great sense of humor, yet he’s a very contemplative guy,” reported Mail Online.

Downey continued, “As a dad, I think that my job is to do the right thing – to prepare him for what is coming in his life.”

In the beginning of his career, Downey struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. After serving time in jail as well as undergoing treatment in rehab, he managed to reemerge onto the acting scene, and attributes his successful recovery to his wife.

“I used to be so convinced that happiness was the goal, yet all those years I was chasing after it, I was unhappy in the pursuit. Maybe the goal really should be a life that values honor, duty, good work, friends, and family,” Downey concluded in the 2007 interview.

Downey will appear in the upcoming film “The Avengers” which premieres May 4, 2012.