Robert Griffin III Talks Redskins Return; Thanks Fans for Prayers After Concussion

Robert Griffin III may have been dubbed "black Jesus" during his NFL debut during week one this season, but fans have been praying for the rookie quarterback after he suffered from a concussion on Sunday.

Griffin, 22, suffered a mild concussion during the third quarter of the 24-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The rookie quarterback seemed dazed when Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon hit Griffin's shoulder with his helmet, resulting in both players falling out of bounds.

While Griffin appeared to get stitches in his chin, he was later taken to the locker room and replaced by rookie QB Kirk Cousins. Fans of Griffin made sure to tweet their support and prayers for the Redskins star.

One fan noticed that Griffin was hit hard and asked others to offer their prayers for the injured QB.

"Pray that @RGIII is good, that was a hard hit," one fan tweeted after watching the game on Sunday.

Donnie Simpson, a radio personality in Washington, D.C., and Detroit also offered his prayers after watching the game.

"Praying that RGIII is OK and able to play for The Skins Sunday," Simpson tweeted. "He got nailed yesterday."

Another fan was shocked after seeing the Redskins star exiting the field.

"I'm at a loss for words right now," the fan tweeted. "Let's just pray for @RGIII"

Still, another prayed that Griffin was not only alright, but that he would return next week.

"I pray that @RGIII is okay and back next week," the person tweeted.

Griffin seemed to read the prayers from his supporters and took to the social networking website to thank his fans and offer some insight about his return to the field.

"Thank you for all the prayers and support I'm OK and I think after all the testing I will play next week," Griffin told over 400,000 followers on Twitter.