Robert Guerrero Praises Jesus After Loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. (VIDEO)

Robert Guerrero may not have defeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their recent WBC Welterweight title fight but the former still inspired a number of people by using the platform to praise Jesus after his loss.

Guerrero,30, has been vocal about feeling like God sent him to humble Mayweather with the latter's first loss in the sport, but after round 12 came to a close the latter remained undefeated. Still, Guerrero said he felt like a winner and that his purpose had been fulfilled in the fight.

"I just want to say I want to thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ because I came out to do what I came to do and try to inspire as many people as I can with the Lord's name," Guerrero said in his statements after the winner of the fight was announced. "Hey like I said I'm still a winner no matter what and I'm still going to praise God with all my heart because like I said he put me here for a reason."

The Mexican-American and California native realized that his job on Saturday night was not to be the first person to defeat Mayweather, but to inspire others.

"It wasn't today to beat Floyd Mayweather but it was to beat all these people and inspire them," Guerrero said. "Thank you all for coming out, I love all the fans praise Jesus!"

Mayweather,36, landed 60 percent of his power punches in the fight which resulted in the 36-year-old receiving a unanimous win over his opponent with all three judges giving him a score of 117-111. Still, Guerrero's loss managed to inspire a multitude of people.

"@GHOSTBOXING millions of people heard the name of Jesus tonight because of you," one person tweeted after the fight. "Thank you for your witness. God bless."

@AthletesforHIM also shared in the same sentiments.

"Awesome witness from Robert Guerrero tonight," @AthletesforHim tweeted. "Even though he lost the fight, he gave thanks to Jesus Christ and is an ultimate winner."

Guerrero wore the phrase "Acts 2:38" on his boxing shorts and told The Christian Post why he felt it was so important to glorify God during his fights.

"I absolutely believe more athletes should be vocal about their relationship with Jesus. Right now this world is being deceived by Satan," Guerrero explained to CP. " Win or lose, we have to stand up for what we believe. After my career is over I want to minister to people around the world ... I know God has an incredible plan for me, I'm looking forward to it."