Robert H. Schuller Hospitalized After Fall, Said to Be Doing Well

A noted pioneering televangelist, once known for having a broadcast program that millions watched on a weekly basis, has been hospitalized after a fall.

Reverend Robert H. Schuller, founder of Crystal Cathedral Ministries and former host of the "Hour of Power," was sent to the hospital last weekend after experiencing a fall.

Douglas Morino of The Orange County Register reported that Rev. Schuller fell sometime late Friday evening and was taken to the hospital Saturday morning.

Carol Schuller Milner, daughter of Schuller and spokeswoman for the family, said in a statement Wednesday that it was likely nothing serious.

"He just lost his balance. We took him in to make sure, because you just never know…They're just being extra cautious and taking their time," said Milner.

Doctors are performing tests to make sure nothing serious is wrong with the 86-year-old preacher.

This is not the first time Schuller has had a major health scare. Schuller had a heart attack back in 1997 and initially it was assumed that the recent fall was connected to this issue.

Once known for his "Hour of Power" program and head of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, Schuller became a major televangelist icon in postwar America.

As part of the growing evangelical and fundamentalist movement of the 1970s and 1980s, Schuller founded the Crystal Cathedral, a megachurch whose large glass-walled sanctuary became a symbol of evangelical Protestant America.

In 2010, decades after its founding, Crystal Cathedral Ministries would file for bankruptcy. Two years later Schuller stepped down from the church's board.

Afterwards, legal issues would abound between CCM and the Schuller family, especially regarding the amount of annual monetary benefits the Schullers were expecting upon retirement.

To resolve its financial woes, CCM ended up selling its famed glass sanctuary to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, which recently converted it into "Christ Cathedral."

For its part, CCM proceeded to move into a smaller sanctuary that once belonged to the Orange County Diocese.