Robert Pattinson Misses Kristen Stewart's Smile? 'Still Fond of Each Other'

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(PHOTO) REUTERS/Mario AnzuoniKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson first began dating in 2008

Robert Pattinson reportedly misses Kristen Stewart despite reports claiming the actor cut off all contact after their split.

The "Twilight" star, 27, reportedly ended his four-year relationship with Stewart, 23, in May and the pair has not spoken since August which has caused him to miss her. A source claims Pattinson cut off contact in a bid to help them both move on with their lives however it has not been easy.

"Of course Rob misses Kristen. He misses her every single day. They had a lot of fun when they were a couple and they laughed a lot," a source told

"What Rob misses the most about Kristen is her smile and the sound of her laughing. She has the most endearing smile to Rob," the source revealed.

Stewart, who began dating the British actor in 2008, was reportedly left devastated after he abruptly ended their relationship over her 2012 affair with a married man. While they are not on bad terms, reports claim they have not spoken in weeks.

"I know they are both still very fond of each other," the source said. "Rob has always felt like Kristen made him a better person — a more transparent, confident person."

In recent months both stars have thrown themselves into work projects to take their minds off of the drama surrounding their love lives. Stewart is currently in Germany filming her upcoming moving "Sils Maria" and Pattinson is preoccupied with various projects in Los Angeles.

"It was Rob's decision that the two of them not communicate for a while. Rob felt like it was just too difficult for the two of them to move on if they kept in contact," " an alleged friend of Stewart's said.

"They both want to be able to talk one day, but it's still too soon and there are too many raw emotions from both sides involved," the source explained.

Pattinson is reportedly eager to move on from Stewart and hoping that the "Camp X Ray" star can ultimately do the same.

"Rob was in no way nasty about it," the friend said. "He actually thought he was helping Kristen by setting this boundary of no communication — that it would actually speed up the recovery process."