Robert Wagner Declines Interviews on Natalie Wood's Death

Robert Wagner has increased suspicions surrounding the 1981 death of his wife Natalie Wood after declining interviews about the actress this week.

The case surrounding the mysterious death of Wood has been reopened 30 years after the incident occurred, having changed from an "accident" to "undetermined."

Furthermore, detectives have attempted to question Wood's husband Wagner, but the 82-year-old actor claims he has already answered all questions about the drowning of his wife off California's Catalina Island, according to his lawyer.

"Mr. Wagner has fully co-operated over the last 30 years in the investigation of the accidental drowning of his wife," Blair Berk, a lawyer for the Wagners, said in a statement.

Furthermore, Berk said that reassigning the case as "undetermined" was an attempt to "exploit and sensationalize" the 30th anniversary of Wood's death, according to Yahoo! News.

The lawyer continued to explain that his client had been "interviewed on multiple occasions by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and answered every single question asked of him by detectives during those interviews."

Wood died on Nov. 29, 1981 after a night of partying with her husband and her "Brainstorm" co-star Christopher Walken.

While in the couple's yacht, "Splendor," the trio was drinking, after which Wood's death was determined an accident. According to the police report, Wood was "possibly attempting to board the dinghy and has fallen into the water, striking her face."

In several past interviews, Wood had confessed that her greatest fear was of "dark seawater." Her body was found floating a mile from the yacht, and according to police reports, the actress was wearing a long nightgown, socks, and a down jacket.

The 3-time Oscar nominee was 43 at the time of her death. Wood was best known for her childhood role in "Miracle On 34th Street" and her later role in "West Side Story."

Wagner penned an autobiography in 2008 blaming himself for his wife's death. The couple had had an argument before Wood supposedly fell overboard and drowned. He noted in the book that he has never returned to Santa Catalina Island.

Additionally, Wood's sister Lana also wrote a biography on her sister, stating: "What happened is that Natalie drank too much that night."