Robin Roberts Home After Hospital 'Tune-Up'

"Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts has returned home on Friday after spending a week at the hospital for a virus.

"After about a week back in the hospital, I returned home Friday night," explained Roberts on her blog, entitled "Home Sweet Home: Part II."

"A latent virus many of us have, was not responding to medication and was pulling down my numbers," she continued.

The "Good Morning America" host was treated for the virus after having undergone breast cancer treatment five years ago and battling a rare blood disorder this year. She suffers from myelodysplastic syndrome, a disorder that is also known as pre-leukemia.

In September, after her stem cells had been destroyed from chemotherapy, Roberts' sister Sally-Ann donated bone marrow for transplant to the journalist.

"Our immune systems usually take care of a virus like this… but mine is only 59 days old," noted the 51-year-old in her blog post. "Physically I felt fine but being back in the hospital took an emotional toll on me."

Roberts had only recently returned home following her bone marrow transplant. Despite her hospital stay, the journalist remained in optimistic, thanking the hospital staff for "lifting her spirits."

"They assured me the majority of BMT patients have to be re-admitted to the hospital for various reasons," added Roberts. "I decided to look at my brief stay as a 'tune up' … and then I would be back on the road to recovery. By the grace of God, I am! The virus is under control and my numbers are going back up."

Last month, Roberts reassured her legions of fans that she would return to "GMA" as soon as she is "given the all clear," but that for now sleeping in her own bed was enough victory for the time being.

"My doctors will be monitoring me closely and I will still be at the hospital regularly to make sure we're on the tight track," the beloved broadcaster wrote. "I cannot thank my amazing medical team enough. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for how they treat all their patients with such passion and compassion."

Then on Sunday, Roberts updated her thousands of Twitter followers, writing, "Many of you have asked how my sister Sally-Ann is doing. As you can see.. GREAT," adding a picture.

"We had a lovely visit this weekend," the journalist added. "Blessings."