Robin Roberts Recovery, 'GMA' Host Tweets Pictures

"Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts has taken to Twitter with her latest feat against myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) this New Year's season.

After being diagnosed with the rare blood disorder, Roberts received a bone marrow transplant in September.

On Saturday, Roberts noted a "major milestone" along her recovery via Twitter.

"Every morning I mark the day post my bone marrow transplant," wrote the beloved "GMA" co-anchor. "Today I reached a major milestone… Day 100! Blessings… XO."

The 51-year-old included a picture of herself sitting with a calendar in pajamas and beaming. In the image, a Christmas tree was seen in the background donning an ornament that read "Faith."

"Thanks, played a LOT of angry birds last 100 days," Roberts told one Twitter follower who had commented on her Angry Birds-themed pajamas.

Furthermore, Roberts posted that her pet dog had also partook in the recovery celebration.

"Look who made it back for my 100 days celebration… KJ," wrote the broadcast journalist. "We just keep starting at each [other]... cant believe she's finally home."

Roberts went on to share two more photos of herself with the puppy named KJ. After ringing in 2013, Roberts took to Facebook with gratitude.

"I couldn't let the year end without saying… thank you," wrote the "GMA" favorite.

"Thank you for your prayers, positive energy and well wishes," she added. "My sister, Dorothy, always comes up with a family motto for the new year. This year's is 'All will be serene in 2013.'"

In September, Roberts received the bone marrow transplant from her sister Sally-Ann.

"My doctors tell me her cells are making themselves right at home and with the grace of God, I pray that they will continue to do so," Roberts posted to her blog at the time.

While she is positive and hopeful, Roberts noted that her battle was not yet over.

"Far from it," wrote the co-anchor. "I am considered 21 days old. That's how long it has been since my transplant. Remember when you brought your baby home for the first time? Your precious bundle didn't leave the house much and you were careful that anyone who came in contact with your child was healthy," she continued on the "GMA" blog.

Reassuring her legions of fans, Roberts has promised that she would return to "GMA" as soon as she is "given the all clear" over the course of her recovery.