Robin Thicke and 'Blurred Lines' Make Father Proud

Robin Thicke's popular song "Blurred Lines" is a huge summer hit, earning the young musician accolades from fans, critics, and his proud family, including his famous dad, actor Alan Thicke.

In a recent interview with People magazine at the 15th Annual Design Care event, which benefits The Holly Rod Foundation, Alan Thicke discussed how impressed he is with his son's accomplishments.

"He has now projected himself into a stratosphere, into another level, having raised the bar, the family brand, to unimaginable heights," the proud father said.

Alan Thicke also spoke about what it's like to see his son achieve such success in the public eye.

"Though I cannot quite relate to the incredible success and accomplishment of his work on that song, now I just feel [like], 'Okay, now I just have to share you with the rest of the world now ... You are barely mine anymore," he said.

While Alan Thicke is perhaps known for being more clean cut, his son Robin is a bit more loose, using curse words in some of his songs.

"When I read some of the reviews for that particular song, they even suspected that was the one that I wrote because it was the only one without any cussing in it! Robin is never shy about dropping the odd scandalous word, and being very sexual in his tunes, and the one that I was involved in had neither the sex, nor any trace of contentious dialogue!" the older Thicke said.