Robin Thicke, Clarkson Duets Debut: When 'Stronger' Isn't Strong Enough (VIDEO)

The new "Duets" show aired Thursday night, which will feature a "star" cast paired up with their hand selected duet partners from across the country in a duet duel.

Competitors on the new "Duets" show will duel it out in order to win a Hollywood Records record deal. The competition is based around the show's name, "Duets," and will feature star singers singing along side the competitors which they will coach. Mentors on the show will be Robin Thicke, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles and John Legend.

Although just random names now, with the show's success one of the these contestants just may end up as the next iTunes chart topper, as Phillip Phillips did following his "American Idol" victory.

Thursday night, J Rome and John Glosson sang with Sugarland's Nettles; Johnny Gray and Bridget Carrington sang with Legend; Alexis Foster and Olivia Chisholm teamed up with Thicke; and Jordan Meredith and Jason Farol were paired with Clarkson.

The stars each conducted a nationwide search in hopes of finding their perfect protégé. Unlike other shows, part of the qualification for each candidate included how well the competitors voice could mesh with the mentor, with whom they will have to perform with on stage.

Overall for the first night, it appeared that Kelly Clarkson finished on bottom when her and her teammates rendition of "Stronger" just wasn't strong enough to compete.

While some said that the judges were perhaps a bit too friendly, no one was actually event eliminated on the show debut, others gave the new rookie a star review suggesting that it was a nice reprieve from letting America vote.

"From this premiere, I can tell that we've got a genuinely fun competition ahead of us. With the addition of a ranking chart to determine the fate of the duet partners and no 'America voting,' 'Duets' successfully introduces fresh talent, great harmonies and hilarious commentary from the Superstars," Huffington Post writer Kimberly Nagaran suggested.

Who ever thought Americans should be responsible for voting in the first place?