Robin Thicke Record on the Radio: 'Blurred Lines' Reaches Over 240 Million Listeners (VIDEO)

It was announced Friday that Robin Thicke broke an airtime record with his newest hit "Blurred Lines."

It took the R&B artist six tries to get it right, but he has prevailed. After producing five studio albums without any top hitting songs, Robin Thicke is riding off from his seventh week on Billboard's Hot 100 this week. The 7-week stint at no. 1 is the longest one this year, according to Billboard.

Last year Maroon 5 held the same honor after topping charts for nine consecutive weeks. Gotye, the top hitting solo male artist, spent eight weeks at the top of charts in 2012. But topping Billboard hasn't been Thicke's only success with "Blurred Lines." The song has also become a radio sensation.

According to a press release issued Friday by Thicke's label, Interscope Records, "Blurred Lines" has "broken the record for the highest radio audience ever recorded. So far, the track has reached more than 242.65 million listeners" across a number of formats, the label said. In today's digital age, the record is something of a phenomenon.

Adding to the buzz is Thicke's controversial music video to the song. The video has been viewed more than a 100 million times so far, leaving Thicke grateful.

"100 million views on the #BlurredLines video. Wow. #Grateful," he posted on Twitter.

The album, which shares the same title as the song, is Thicke's sixth studio album. "Blurred Lines," which features Pharrell Williams and rapper T.I., is the first single to be released with the rest of the album coming out later this week.

"It's just one of those songs that loosens people up," Williams, who produced and co-wrote "Blurred Lines," said of the songs success. "With everybody so anxious about everything going on in the world, people need something to help them be happy again."