Rodney King Toxicology Test Underway; Police Believe Fiancée's Story

Toxicology test results will take up to six weeks to gather before coroner's officials can determine how Rodney King died.

King, 47, was retrieved from his Rialito, Calif., home swimming pool by paramedics on Sunday morning after he was found unresponsive by his fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, according to ABC News.

Despite multiple attempts to revive an unconscious King, the father of three was eventually pronounced dead in what investigators suspect may have been a drowning accident.

"[Kelley] was inside the residence, had been sleeping and Mr. King had been carrying conversations with her from the rear patio poolside. She had heard him speaking to her. She got up to go outside to talk with him, at which time she found him at the bottom of the pool," Rialto Police Capt. Randy De Anda told ABC.

On Monday it was revealed that two close friends of King were suspicious of Kelley's statements and even feared that she may have been deliberately withholding crucial information about what transpired on the morning that King died.

Kelley reportedly told police that King had been drinking all day and smoking marijuana in the hours leading up to his death. The two suspicious friends claim that she changed her story about the events of the evening several times, which prompted them to voice their concerns to police, according to TMZ.

Despite the concern, Police reportedly believe that Kelley has been "cooperative and forthright" in her account of the events leading up to King's death and already determined that they do not believe that there was any foul play.

"People in the neighborhood are just speculating," a source told TMZ, adding that police believe Kelley's statements.

King became well known around the world after being subject to police brutality in which he was savagely beaten by Los Angeles police officers.

Although the horrific incident was captured on a bystander's video camera, three of four of the offending police officers were acquitted and a jury failed to reach a verdict in regards to the fourth police officer, which subsequently sparked the infamous 1992 Los Angeles riots.

King survived the horrendous attack and became famous for his attempts to diffuse racial tensions with his public plea for peace.

"Can we all get along?" King was famously quoted.