Rogue Dolphin Terrorizes Upscale Residents (VIDEO)

A rogue animal has become a new lakeside terrorist, defending his self-proclaimed turf by biting those who dare to swim next to the fearsome beast.

There are plenty of fish in the sea but only one dolphin in the lake waters of New Orleans. The rogue dolphin moved into his new lakeside home following Hurricane Katrina, possibly looking for a more secure and relaxing place to call home.

The residents didn't mind at first, sharing Lake Pontchartrain with the cute, friendly faced animal- that is until he took a bite or two. Located in Slidell, Louisiana the lake once served residents as a recreational swimming pool, but now the young male dolphin has taken over. He has already taken a bite out of three individuals who have entered the water.

The dolphin originally landed himself in the waters along with a pod of other dolphins, immediately following Hurricane Katrina. The other dolphins, however, eventually swam away while the rogue dolphin decided that he preferred his new, lakeside real estate, which is located in an upscale neighborhood.

The problem for some is not with the dolphin, but rather with outsiders who treat the animal as though he is a local Skipper.

"If people would understand, he's a wild animal and you have to treat him like he's a wild animal and not jump on him, not go swimming with him," Durel Landry, Manager of the Lakeshore Estates Homeowners Association told "He's not Disney World."

Other residents have stated that it is the dolphin who is at risk.

"Somebody's going to get bitten by this dolphin, they are going to get mad and they are going to shoot the dolphin," one unidentified resident told ABC affiliate WGNO.

Although some say the dolphin is overly aggressive and well, a bit of a grouch, experts have stated that it is quite natural.

"The dolphin is showing normal male dominance behavior," Stacey Horstman, bottlenose dolphin conservation coordinator for NOAA Fisheries Service, told ABC News. "However, these behaviors are misdirected at people and boats because of people interacting with him."