Rohan Marley Engaged to Brazilian Model Isabeli Fontana

A popular Brazilian model and the son of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley announced that they are engaged and are planning to tie the knot in Africa.

Rohan Marley, 39, and Isabeli Fontana, 28, have been with each other since October 2011, but had such chemistry between them that they could not wait to get married, according to insiders.

The pair did have experience planning weddings given that both have had previous marriages. Marley has two children with his first wife, Geraldine Khawly.

He was also with former Fugees singer Lauren Hill for 15 years. He had five children with her before the couple split last year after Marley denied being the father of her sixth child. It was also rumored that Fontana was secretly seeing Marley while he was still with Hill.

This will be the third marriage for Fontana as well. She was married to models Álvaro Jacomossi and Henri Castelli. She has one son with each of the men.

According to various sources, the couple is planning a destination wedding in Ethiopia. That is where Haile Selassie, the center of the Rastafarian religion, was born.

"Rohan told me that we must return to their origins so that the marriage will last forever," Fontana told Brazil's Vega magazine.

But not everyone is comfortable with the pace of the relationship, including her mother, Maribel.

''I think everything is happening too fast but everything has a different rhythm with Isabeli," the bride-to-be's mother told Vega magazine.

Marley, who used to play college football, currently owns a coffee business. His soon to be wife has posed for Victoria's Secret, Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren.

She most recently made headlines after she appeared in a swimwear campaign for H&M. she looked extremely tan and it caused a backlash because it was right after "Tanning Mom," Patricia Krentcil, shocked everyone with her extremely bronzed tone and revelation that she took her young daughter to the tanning salon.