Ron Jeremy, Luka Magnotta Almost Caught in Sting Before Brutal Murder

Ron Jeremy is a noted adult film actor who was contacted by animal rights activists in order to help capture an animal killer and abuser in Canada. The actor said he was uncomfortable with the idea, and Luka Magnotta, a fellow adult actor and now a brutal killer, remained free.

According to reports, Magnotta was wanted by animal rights activists for killing kittens and posting the gruesome videos online. Jeremy, a known animal rights supporter, was brought in to help lure Magnotta into a trap, where the activists could confront him and bring in police.

"It's like an episode from some TV show," Jeremy told The Canadian Press. "The [guy] comes to the set … thinking he has a job, and the cops tackle him to the ground. That's good for the movies. That doesn't work in real life."

Magnotta had posted videos of him putting a kitten into a plastic bag, then using a vacuum to suction all the air out, thereby suffocating the animal. Another video was focused on a python that Magnotta had on his bed. A kitten also on the bed kept an eye on the snake, but Magnotta distracted the smaller animal, giving the python the opportunity to strike and kill the kitten.

Rescue Ink, a known group of tough animal activists, decided to intervene and set a trap for Magnotta in order to bring him to justice. Yet Jeremy became uncomfortable with the idea, and the plan never came to fruition. Magnotta remained free, and less than one year later, killed Jun Lin and dismembered his body.

Magnotta was found weeks later in Berlin and transported back to Canada, where he will stand trial and most likely see jail time. That hasn't stopped people from voicing their support for the adult-entertainment actor. ABC News has reported that many websites specifically voicing their support and concern for Magnotta have been established since his arrest.

"I like EVERYTHING about him," Destiny St. Denis, the creator of a fan page told ABC News. "He needs to know that there are A LOT of people that care about him. What he did is his business! I support him because he is a human being who deserves love, respect, and affection just like anyone else," she wrote in an email.