Ronald Scott Catt Includes Children in Armed Bank Heists

Ronald Scott Catt and his two children, Hayden and Abby, were arrested last week on charges of robbery in Texas. The three may be responsible for robbing as many as seven banks in two states.

Ronald and Hayden entered a branch of the 1st Community Credit Union on Oct. 1, according to reports. They both wore orange traffic vests and dark sunglasses; Ronald chose to wear a painter's mask to disguise his face, while Hayden donned a fake mustache.

Abby drove the getaway car for her father and brother, and was caught on videotape buying the infamous orange vests with her father's debit card. Unfortunately, the orange vest disguises led authorities straight to the Catt family. They were taken into custody and charged with armed robbery.

"He was a single dad," Eric Lundeen told ABC News. "I think he lost his wife and he had the responsibility to take care of his kids and I got to tell you, he was there for them."

Ronald and Hayden are being held on $140,000 bond, while Abby is being held on $100,000 bond. Many are astonished that a father would include his children in breaking the law.

"A family who steals together gets caught together. It is a shame that a father would put his 18 & 20-year-old children in a position that may land them in prison for most of their early lives. He deserves the trophy for greatest father of the month. The problem is nationwide there are so-called parents even worse than he is," commented Jim Fedullo on

"Why would a father who loved his children with all his heart turn and use them to help rob banks… When you follow a parent down the wrong path you end up doing time in the CELL for as long as the Judge sentence[s] you for." added Connie Higgs.