Ronald Silva Wore Drag During Prison Break

A man in Brazil was almost able to break out of jail after he dressed in drag as a disguise to get past the guards.

The prisoner, Ronald Silva, 39, is suspected drug trafficker and went to great lengths to change his gender appearance. He shaved his legs and arms, donned a dress, wig and heels all in his bid to escape from prison.

"He was wearing a wig, painted false nails and a long dress," jail director Carlos Welber told The Sun. "He'd spent a long time shaving his legs and arms. There was a lot of preparation and premeditation involved in this."

Silva, during a visit from his wife, got a women's outfit smuggled to him. Prison officials said that she left wearing his shorts and another top that she had brought.

"He left the prison shortly after her, along with other inmates' wives. He was wearing a wig, painted false nails and a long dress," Welber explained.

He was very close to pulling off the great escape, but he overlooked one key aspect of his disguise- he had noticeably never worn a pair of high heels.

Officials stated that Silva was able to get past guards in the prison and make it past the gate, but that is when his elaborate plan began to stumble.

Welber noted that as Silva left the prison gate guards patrolling the perimeter of the prison noticed Silva having a difficult time walking casually in the pair of heels.

As he proceeded to a bus stop that was just outside the prison gates guards approached Silva and discovered the true identity of the "woman."

The guards were able to take Silva back to the prison before he was able get on the back of a waiting motorbike.

Prison officials explained that Silva was transferred to the prison last month after another failed attempt to break out of jail. For that attempted jail break, Silva had armed men try the old fashioned way by invading the prison to try and spring him.