Ronda Rousey News: UFC Star Fuels Speculations on WWE Transfer in Latest Interview

Reuters/Ricardo MoraesRonda Rousey celebrates after defeating Bethe Correia of Brazil during their Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match, a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 1, 2015.

While nothing is official as of this writing, it is believed more and more that Ronda Rousey's career as a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter is over as rumors claiming she is slated to join WWE's (World Wrestling Entertainment) roster of female wrestlers grow louder.

Many opine that it is apparent that Rousey's career as a mixed martial artist in UFC's octagon is over as, apart from the fact that her last fight was still last January, rumors about her transferring to the WWE refuse to die down. However, if the recent interview of Rousey is to be the basis, rumors claiming that she's trading UFC's Octagon to WWE's square ring may not just be rumors after all.

"If you were a real fan, would you really wanna know? I enjoy it more that way, and I don't wanna ruin anything," Rousey told TMZ Sports when she was recently asked to address the rumors of her supposed switch to WWE.

While it is apparent that Rousey's response to the question failed to give a solid hint on her career move, many believe that it is only a matter of time before an official announcement will be made. Apart from WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon leaving the doors open for Rousey, the UFC female fighter and her team version of mixed martial arts version of the Four Horsewomen have already been featured exchanging words with that of WWE's version, composed of WWE Superstars Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley.

However, it is suspected that Rousey may not be the only one who is heading to the WWE ring as her fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne, whom Rousey married just recently, has also hinted that he, too, may abandon the octagon and head to WWE's ring as well.

"We're still making decisions on my part. We'll see where I go in the future. I'm not gonna say no," Browne said on the same TMZ Sports video.