Roseanne Barr Roast Sees 'Roseanne' Cast Reunion

Roseanne Barr has reunited with the cast of "Roseanne" after 15 years during Saturday night's Comedy Central roast taped at the Hollywood Palladium.

While the special will not air until Aug. 12, the special reunion has made an impact on "Roseanne" fans on Twitter.

"If you're a Roseanne fan, and you know you are, you'll love this," wrote Christopher of the "Roseanne" cast reunion.

Thomas responded to the reunion by writing, "Best news ever," while Josh posted, "Yes!"

"Roseanne reunion coming soon," added David. "This is going to be good."

The 59-year-old Barr met up with her "Roseanne" onscreen children Saturday, including Lecy Goranson who portrayed Becky Conner and Michael Fishman who played D.J. Conner.

Cast members who did not make it included Roseanne's TV husband John Goodman, as well as Sarah Gilbert who played Darlene and Sarah Chalke-Goranson's replacement as Becky during the actress' college leave.

Surprisingly, cast member and Barr's ex-husband Tom Arnold attended Saturday's roast, despite the pair's publicly vicious divorce in 1994.

Friends of Barr and fellow celebrities also came out for the roast, including Carrie Fisher, Sharon Stone, Ellen Barkin, Wayne Brody, and Seth Green, while "Glee" star Jane Lynch hosted the event.

Comedy Central's Roast series have previously set celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, and Charlie Sheen on the coals with good-humored jokes about them.

Simply titled "Roseanne," the situational comedy was loosely based on Barr's real life before she became famous. The hit show went off the air in 1997 after nine years.

The roast comes at a busy time for Barr, who recently announced intentions to run for president this year, seeking the Green Party nomination. Moreover, the actress is working on another television series, "Downwardly Mobile," which surrounds a middle class family that lives in a mobile home.