'Rosewood' Season 2 Episode 21: Is Slade Living a Double Life? Rosewood and Villa Investigate

The penultimate episode of "Rosewood" season 2 will take the titular character and his partner deep into the world of human trafficking. Also, after surviving the subsequent complications from his kidney donation, Capt. Slade (Eddie Cibrian) will be coming back to work with a new lease on life.

Facebook/RosewoodFOXCapt. Ryan Slade (Eddie Cibrian) is back in action on the next episode of FOX’s police procedural series “Rosewood.”

The upcoming episode titled "Amparo & The American Dream" will find Rosewood (Morris Chestnut) and Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz) getting caught in the world of human trafficking following the death of a school teacher. How does said teacher tie into this kind of world, and what insights will her life and death give to Rosewood and Villa? Could the teacher have been a victim, a patron, a concerned citizen or an innocent bystander?

A shocking insight into Slade's past will also draw Rosie and Villa closer than ever, and the official trailer for the episode reveals that this insight may well tie their captain to their current case.


Do they have just cause to suspect Slade, even after he almost died donating his kidney to Rosewood? Has Slade been keeping a secret life as a serial killer, or will it all be a misunderstanding that eventually resolves itself in the end and may even teach Rosewood and Villa to trust Slade more from now on?

The official synopsis for the season finale does not reveal much about Slade's subsequent fate. Titled "Blistering Heat & Brotherly Love," the final episode of season 2 will be bringing Rosewood, Villa and Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) together to bring down a highly skilled group of criminals who are suspected of a jewelry store heist.

NASCAR racer Austin Dillon will be making a guest appearance as the series draws the curtains on its second year. There is currently no news yet about the possibility of a third season.

"Rosewood" season 2 episode 21 airs on Friday, April 21 at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX. The finale will air the following Friday, April 28.