Rosie O'Donnell a 'Bully,' Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump has officially labeled Rosie O'Donnell a "bully" on a morning radio show. The two have engaged in a public war of words before, but this time it would appear that Trump is echoing the statements of her staff from "The Rosie Show."

"I predicted correctly that Rosie would never make it," Trump stated on Toronto's KiSS morning radio show. "I did say that and she never made it, so that was sort of good and I was very proud of that, frankly."

It is true that O'Donnell's show for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) did not last long, though many are unsure where it all went wrong. One anonymous source told the Daily Beast that conditions were bad enough they called it a "hell-hole." O'Donnell's domineering perfectionism led to incidents with members of her staff, as well as OWN producers.

"O'Donnell uncontrollably yelled at a publicist backstage because she didn't like the parameters agreed upon for an interview," the source revealed.

Conflicts arose between O'Donnell and Oprah's director Joe Terry; she reportedly humiliated him in front of an audience for using the wrong camera angle. O'Donnell then fired Winfrey's stage manager for not paying her close enough attention, among other things.

Television icon Oprah Winfrey never addressed any of the rumors but instead thanked O'Donnell for joining her on the journey.

"She has been an incredible partner, working to deliver the best possible show every single day. I'm grateful to Rose and the dedicated 'Rose Show' team for giving it their all," said Winfrey.

There has been a long-standing "feud" between Trump and O'Donnell, as they have sparred and made jabs at one another over the years.

"Well look, I have nothing with Rosie, Rosie's fun," Trump told Access Hollywood in March.

"Her show failed, but I told people that it was going to fail long before it went on. But Rosie's fine," he added. "I wish her well. May she rest in peace."