Rosie O'Donnell Slams Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell blasted the decision to cast Lindsay Lohan as the late Elizabeth Taylor for an upcoming biopic film, claiming that the actress is not "capable" of playing the character.

"I don't think she's right for the role and I don't think she's capable at this point to portray that character," O'Donnell said on the "Today" show.

"I feel very sorry for her ... I think she needs a lot of time away ... She's had a lot of trouble doing every single movie, including SNL. She was out and not in rehearsal. I think she's not in a place to work," she added.

O'Donnell appeared on the show with the show's host Matt Lauer and Donny Deutsch, and went into attack mode with Deutsch, who said that Lohan is "our generation's Elizabeth Taylor."

"You're out of your mind! You're a crackhead! The last thing she did good she was sixteen!" O'Donnell said.

Lohan will play the legendary actress in the Lifetime biopic movie, "Liz and Dick," which will focus on Taylor's dysfunctional relationship with actor Richard Burton, whom she married in 1964.

"I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role," Lohan told E! Online.

The 25-year-old troubled actress was given the role on condition that she comply with her previous court orders pertaining to her recent legal woes, and the film's producer Larry Thompson was prepared for the worst.

"Well, we have more than a Plan B actually [because] Lindsay Lohan may be the most insured actress that ever walked on a soundstage," Thompson said.

"Now if I learn to regret it sitting here today I think it is still for the movie a great risk to run," he added.