Royal Baby Presents Range From Practical to Odd, List Shows

The newest royal is due any day now, and presents have been pouring in from around the world. They range from the odd: a charm bracelet that doubles as a diaper-rash cream holder, to the practical: organic baby food. Read on for a list of the presents Baby Windsor has received.

The Finnish government sent Kate and William a traditional maternity box that includes a mattress, mattress cover, undersheet, duvet cover, blanket and quilt along with several items of everyday clothing and snowsuit, hat, insulated mittens and booties. The kit, which is given to every new mother, also includes a complete bath set, picture book and teething toy, as well as bra pads and condoms.

"It is something that every mother looks forward to receiving, especially when you have your first child," deputy head of mission Tanja Jaaskelainen, told the Times. "There's so much that you don't know what you need. When the box arrives, you look at the clothes and think, 'They are so cute.' You cannot imagine your baby is so small. Then the baby arrives and most of the things are too big."

"We were delighted to receive the very kind gift of a maternity package from the Finnish government," a Kensington Palace spokesman said. "It was a very thoughtful gesture. I'm sure the Duke and Duchess will be very interested to see the contents."

Jewelry designer Theo Fennell decided to offer a rather unique gift: a charm bracelet with a pot that holds diaper-rash cream set to be worth $17,000. Fennell has designed pieces for celebrities including Elton John, Madonna, and the Beckhams, but never has he made such a piece.

"I am thrilled to make this miniature pot and bracelet for Sudocrem. I understand it will be going to a very good home," Fennell told the Daily Mail.

The Duke and Duchess have been receiving presents from nearly everyone, and even step-grandmother Camilla brought home a donation of organic baby food for the couple. Other gifts include a knitted kangaroo from former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and shares of the Chelsea football club.