Royal Baby Watch: Kate Middleton Baby Fever Grips Britain as Due Date Nears (VIDEO)

A so-called "Royal baby watch" is taking place in England as millions await the new royal baby as Kate Middleton nears her due date.

(PHOTO) Reuters/Paul HackettBritain's Prince Andrew (L), Prince Harry (2nd L), Prince William (R) and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Trooping the Colour ceremony in central London June 15, 2013.

The first baby of a new generation of royals is expected anytime now, and media presence has been increasing exponentially as local and international media gathers awaiting news of the Duchess of Cambridge going into labor.

The Royal baby watch has not stopped at the shores of Britain either, in the United States millions of supporters and well-wishers are being swept up in royal baby fever. Kate Middleton is regularly reported across hundreds of news sources across the United States, and tabloids and celebrity magazines are already gearing up for what looks set to be one of the most reported baby births in years.

A large media presence is already starting to build outside the hospital where Kate Middleton and Prince William are expected to travel to when she goes into labor.

However, despite Royal baby watch fever beginning to grip Britain and the world, sources close to Prince William have let it be known that he is already very worried about the media intrusion that could be thrust upon his family come his new baby's birth.

Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, was known for attracting huge media presence wherever she went across the globe, and paparazzi are blamed by many for playing a significant role in her death during a car crash in Paris as she was being chased by paparazzi.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, has said, "Privacy is key for Prince William as he saw the way his mother, Princess Diana, suffered at the hands of the paparazzi, and he wants to make sure this does not happen to his wife or his own children."

One photographer who is already eagerly awaiting the Royal baby's birth, Mark Stewart, has explained why he is monitoring the situation and why it's such a big deal.

"Globally there is huge interest in the royal baby, particularly in America, and I wanted to get a front row seat to world history," said Stewart, according to Reuters.

There are strong rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a baby girl, however, no official announcement has been made. If the new baby is a girl then she will be the first female royal ever to maintain her right to be next in line to the throne even if Kate gives birth to a younger boy later.