Royal Birth Plan of Kate Middleton to Follow Tradition, Expert Says

Kate Middleton's due date is quickly approaching, and arrangements are being made to ensure that the newest Royal heir (or heiress) will arrive safely. While it was rumored that Middleton would break royal protocol and give birth at a hospital near her family's home, those plans have reportedly changed in order to protect Middleton and baby.

"The baby will be born at St. Mary's hospital in London, where Princes William and Harry were born," ABC News royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter said. "That type of hospital is not equipped to handle the security needs of this birth. Plus, the royals will want the birth to be as easy on other patients at the hospital as possible."

Middleton is due in July and has been more focused on spending time with her mother and sisters. She and William are supposed to move into Princess Margaret's former home at Kensington Palace, which is currently being rennovated. They were due to move in after the baby's birth, but due to setbacks, they don't plan on moving in until September.

Reports stated that Middleton and the little one would be living with her family after the birth until their Kensington Palace residence is ready. However, that report has also been refuted, given the security needs of the Duke and Duchess.

Kensington Palace offers a "secure, fortified" place for the family to reside, while Middleton's family home presents "all sorts of problems. And as much as the in-laws get on well," Arbiter said, "it's just hard to see the Queen popping round for tea to visit her great-grandchild at Carole Middleton's home."

The royal parents will likely leave the hospital through the front door, following in the footsteps of Charles and Diana, and Fergie and Andrew.

"The press will be respectful – nobody wants to get thrown out of the royal press pool," Arbiter said. "When Diana died as a result of being chased by paparazzi, that really shut things up."

William has been adamant about keeping his wife safe and protecting her from the overwhelming paparazzi, though she has handled herself well.