Royal Christening of Prince George to Take Place in September, Follow Tradition

Prince George has only been in the world for two weeks but plans are already being made for his next big event: the Royal Christening. Experts say that Kate and William will likely follow tradition at the ceremony and make the day one to remember.

"Given Queen Elizabeth's religious beliefs and William's deep respect for his grandmother, the odds are high that a traditional ceremony will be held for Prince George," royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Yahoo. "We're expecting a Christening date in late September or early October. That's longer than the one month Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip waited to Christen Prince Charles."

No one knows yet who George's godparents will be, but two names at the top of the list include his Uncle Harry and Aunt Pippa. The Royals usually choose six godparents, three women and three men. Whoever is chosen will have a big responsibility, given that George is officially in line to the throne.

Even though there may be six godparents, the ceremony will likely be very intimate, limited to the participants and immediate family. Of course, the public will be able to see official photos once the ceremony is over; Princess Diana released the photos of William and Harry's Christenings, which provided an intimate look at the Royal family.

Prince George will wear a replica of the Christening gown used in 1841 by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's daughter.

"The Queen ordered an exact replica by Liverpool designer Angela Kelly. And the original was preserved, as it's a priceless family heirloom," Arbiter noted. "Kate will probably wear a designer dress fit for a garden party or perhaps something more formal and William will wear a suit and tie."

One last tradition? Guests will be served the top tier from William and Kate's wedding cake. It's English tradition to freeze the top tier of the cake and then serve it at the official Christening of the first child.