Royal Swaddle: Prince George Swaddling Cloth Sells Out, Where to Buy?

A day after his birth, the royal baby was spotted for the first time wearing a bird printed swaddle cloth. Now, thanks to his parent's choice in baby fashion, the company responsible for making the swaddle cloth has seen sales that surpass a 600 percent increase.

Within hours after the royal baby made his first appearance, aden + anais' website crashed. It crashed a second time on day two as consumers continued to rush to the company site in order to purchase a swaddling cloth for their child that matched the one seen on Prince George.

Strangely, the company didn't appear to know that they were Prince George's swaddling cloth of choice. It was a colleague in fact, who first brought it to the attention of aden + anais chief executive, Raegan Moya-Jones.

"I thought it was photoshopped," she said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Since the company was identified as the baby cloth maker, its sales in the U.S. have gone up nearly 500 percent. In Britain they were up 1,960 percent according to the AP report. The Jungle Jam pack of four that was first seen on Prince George, at $68 a set, is completely sold out.

The rise to fame however, is short lived xx Otnes warned. For a company of 65 full time employees, the swarm excessive orders has been a lot for Moya-Jones to handle.

"You had better hold on," Otnes told the AP of companies in the limelight adding that it would not last forever.

For now, Moya-Jones is just happy about that her brand was able to stand out. Worn by other celebrity babies, including Beyonce's Blue Ivy, Middleton is alleged to have picked the swaddling cloth out herself. But at the end of the day, they are just new mothers picking out their babies' first clothes Moya-Jones mused.

"That's the nicest thing," she said. "At the end of the day, the duchess is a first-time mum, like all of us once were."