Ruby Zavala, 14, Found Safe After Being Kidnapped at Knifepoint

Ruby Zavala, 14, has been found safe after being kidnapped at knifepoint by Jesus Ramirez. She was taken from the parking lot of Saint Michael's Catholic Church in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

"We believe Ramirez is still unstable," Mount Pleasant Police Chief Wayne Isbell told ABC. "He may be delusional. He's obsessed with the girl."

The two dated for some time before her parents realized that he was 22 years old; they forced the two to break up and Ramirez was charged with the sexual assault of a child. Ramirez allegedly took Ruby, her mother and sister from the church but then released the mother and sister so he could be alone with Ruby.

Authorities searched for Ruby since Sunday and issued an Amber alert for the young girl, saying she was "in grave or immediate danger," the Dallas Morning News reported.

Thankfully the two were found Monday afternoon, though police are not releasing any specific details as to their condition, except to say that Ruby was found "alive and well." They have also not said whether Ramirez has been charged with kidnapping or any other crime.

"Based on some evidence we have uncovered, he was upset with her and we believe this was planned," Isbell told ABC News. They believe that Isbell was angry with Ruby and wanted to talk with her, at the very least.

It's good news for the Zavala family, as the situation could have turned out much, much worse.

The story comes along with the news that three young women who disappeared 10 years ago were found safe in Ohio. Investigators are thrilled to have found so many abduction victims alive and in relatively good condition after so long.

"This is a great, great outcome that we have them still with us," Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba said in a press conference. "It's just truly, truly amazing and it's a blessing to our community and to the members of the police department and their families that they're alive."