Rudy Eugene Threats: 'I'm Going to Kill You' to Boxer Melton Bowen 2007, Mother in 2004 (VIDEO)

While many deny that Rudy Eugene was a violent man, the Miami "zombie" attacker had records of a violent past and unruly temper.

When those close to Eugene discovered that he had been identified as the Miami cannibal, they showed surprise and insisted the Eugene was a good person and nothing like the "monster" seen on surveillance footage, attacking an unarmed homeless man.

"He was a good kid. He gave me a nice card on Mother's Day. Everyone says he was a zombie. He was no zombie. That was my son," Eugene's mother told CBS Miami adding that "they used to go to church all the time together."

Others however have stated that Eugene could be senselessly violent. Former heavyweight boxer Melton Bowen claimed that he had encountered Eugene in Miami in 2007 while working at a flea market. Bowen told News Channel 7 that Eugene had picked a fight with him over music and became immediately defensive.

"I'm not scared of no one. He took his shirt off and came at me saying 'I'm going to kill you!'" Bowen recalled.

The boxer easily knocked Eugene out with one punch, however his tale is only one of a handful of incidents that reveals the Miami cannibal's seemingly violent nature. Three years earlier, Eugene had made a similar threat to the very mother that is now defending her son. Eugene was tased by police in 2004, becoming the first man to get tased by Miami police after his mother had called for help from her son.

"I'll put a gun to your head and kill you," police said, repeating Eugene's threat to his mother on that day. Eugene also threatened police officers, stating he was going to "kick [their] a--."

Altogether, Eugene had been arrested eight different times, four of which included drug-related charges. Last month, Eugene was shot and killed after police arrived on the seen and discovered the man eating the face of Ronald Poppo. Drug usage was suspected in the attack.