Ruling Regime Involve Copts in Political Game, Says Egyptian Counselor

Counselor Amir Ramzy of Cairo's Court of Appeal advised that issues surround Coptic and Muslim relations should be solved with thought and dialogue not by political motivations.

"Coptic issues should be resolved using national and intellectual methods. These issues should not be solved with political initiatives like that adopted by the Building and Development Party, the political arm of Gamma Islameya," Ramzy said in a statement.

"This party and the ruling regime in Egypt realize their current deadlock, and they attempt to polarize the different factions by using the Coptic card in the political process," Ramzy added,

The Building and Development Party adopted an initiative titled "a unified nation" on Wednesday aimed at strengthening national unity and to foster strong relations between Muslims and Copts. It is important to mention that Gamma Islameya is one of the groups involved in Coptic murders. The group executed a number of terrorist attacks targeting Copts, tourists and police officers in Upper Egypt.

 This initiative is reflective of a temporary and not permanent idea. The Gamma Islameya is known for its extremist view of Copts, and the Building and Development Party similarly adopts these extremist and inciting positions towards Copts. The party leaders have completely refused to accept Copts since the establishment of the party following the January 25 Revolution. How could such a party with such a bloody history carry out this initiative," Ramzy told Mideast Christian News.