Runaway Cow Captured in Connecticut

A runaway fugitive cow has finally been captured.

Wanda, the wandering cow, was found roaming around a low-lying wooded area of Milford, Ct. on Wednesday. It took nearly 20 people including veterinarians, animal control officers, and state agriculture officials an hour-and-a-half to capture the 400-pound Wanda.

Wanda has been on the go for the past five months prior to yesterday’s capture.

Wanda wandered off of her home near the Orange and West Haven town lines in Connecticut this past July.She befriended a group of deer while on her five-month journey throughout the woods of Connecticut.

The one-year-old calf had escaped capture twice before but this time was subdued by two animal tranquilizers and a team of veterinarians.

The baby cow faced only minor injuries due to the capture, suffering only a bloodied nose over the whole ordeal.

Officials are now attempting to contact the calf’s owner who is not responding to phone calls and letters. Wanda’s owner may have to pay for the costs of the roundup.

Although her owner is avoiding her, Wanda is not lonely as she has been taken to a new home on a farm in Orange, Ct.

“She is happy as can be. There was immediate acceptance of her (by the other cows),” said veterinarian McClure Brinton who helped aid in Wanda’s capture.

Wanda will stay at her new home for the duration of her life, unless her owner decides to reclaim her, or unless she decides to wander off on another journey.

Furthermore, there is no need for animal lovers to fear for her safety, as there are no plans to slaughter Wanda any time soon.

“That is not an option,” said Milford Animal Control Officer Rick George.