Russell Brand Threw iPhone as 'Tribute to Steve Jobs' Memory'

Russell Brand tweeted about his snatching and throwing of a paparazzo's iPhone Wednesday, joking that he did it in memory of Steve Jobs' accomplishments and smartphone. The comedian essentially confessed to the crime electronically, but put a funny spin on the situation.

"Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iphone irreverently," tweeted Brand of Timothy Jackson, the photographer taking pictures of him in New Orleans with his phone. "What I did was a tribute to [Jobs'] memory."

Despite the jokes, Brand could get in trouble with authorities because of his outburst. He snatched a New Orleans paparazzo's iPhone and threw it at a building window Monday, smashing a large hole in the glass.

Russell Brand was seen in New Orleans by a group of paparazzi, one of which was Timothy Jackson, according to TMZ. After Jackson began taking pictures of the British comedian from his car, Brand found out, and he wasn't happy.

In the police report Jackson filed citing "criminal damages," the photographer alleges that Brand marched over to his car, grabbed his phone from his hand, then launched it through a nearby building window.

The iPhone was later returned by the man who sat inside the building where it was thrown.

The man inside the building was also contacted by the British star's camp, according to TMZ. Brand will apparently pay for the costs of the window he broke. It is unknown, however, if Jackson's iPhone was broken, or if he will pay for the "criminal damages" the photographer accused him of.

Brand's outburst could have been because of the lady friend he had been with for most of the day in New Orleans. Paparazzi were taking pictures of both of them throughout the day, although no one has been able to identify the mystery brunette.

"The woman went into the ice cream shop and when she came out he gave her a kiss," an eyewitness told Daily Mail. "They appeared very cute together, very together."

They were also spotted together in Hollywood last month. The new relationship comes only a few months after Brand's highly publicized December divorce from singer Katy Perry.

Brand may not escape with a slap on the wrist this time. In a similar case involving Chris Brown and a fan taking pictures on her iPhone 4S, the R&B snatched the phone and drove off, leading Miami police to allege grand theft- Florida law states anything above $300 as a felony.