Russell Brand, MSNBC Interview Gone Wrong

Russell Brand's appearance MSNBC's "Morning Joe" took an interesting turn when the comedian took charge of the interview and even corrected his hosts.

While it would be easy to assume that the outspoken and brash comedian was in the wrong, it was in fact Brand's interviewers- co-host Mika Brzezinski and panelists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman who acted inappropriately.

The interview started off as rocky when Brzezinski introduced Brand, but admitted that she did not know who he was.

"And joining us now now, he's a really big deal, I know, I'm told this- I'm not really pop cultured I'm sorry… comedian, movie star, author and host of the show 'Brand X' Russell Brand," said the host.

Although the purpose of the interview was rooted in Brand's worldwide summer comedy tour "The Messiah Complex," conversation varied from discussing the employees at MSNBC, to mental disorders.

After several deviations from the purpose of the interview, the unorganized and hard-to-follow conversation hit another awkward moment when Shactman pointed out Brand's British accent.

"Its funny, the accent, when I see him in person it's fine or on 'Forgetting Sarah Marshal'…. but when I hear him on Sirius XM I can't understand him," said the co-host.

Brzezinski then began discussing the baffled actor as if he were not present.

"It's not listening to him it's experiencing him, taking in all in," she said of Brand.

"You're talking about me as I'm not here, and as if I'm an extraterrestrial," the "Get Him To The Greek" star interjected. "Thank you for your casual objectification."

Brzezinski then admitted that she was nervous, and Brand asked, "Is this what you people do for a living?"

Finally, after minutes of senseless comments with no clear direction in conversation, Brand takes charge of the show. The actor and even pretends to address the audience with news.

"These are your trusted anchors," Brand added before he took on the position of a news anchor and touched on current affairs such as Edward Snowden.

However, the interview was not without Brand's notorious and salacious humor. The British funny man stunned Brzezinski when he told the co-host to "lose the wedding ring" and that she had "great hair" like Princess Diana's.

Watch the chaotic interview on YouTube here.