Russell Brand Snatches Paparazzo's iPhone, Smashes It Through Window

Russell Brand snatched a New Orleans paparazzo's iPhone and threw it at a building window Monday, smashing a large hole in the glass.

Singer Katy Perry arrives with husband actor Russell Brand for the annual David Lynch Foundation benefit celebration in New York on Dec. 13, 2010.(Photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson)Singer Katy Perry arrives with husband actor Russell Brand for the annual David Lynch Foundation benefit celebration in New York on Dec. 13, 2010.


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Russell Brand was seen in New Orleans by a group of paparazzi, one of which was Timothy Jackson, according to TMZ. After Jackson began taking pictures of the British comedian from his car, Brand found out, and he wasn't happy.

In the police report Jackson filed citing "criminal damages," the photographer alleges that Brand marched over to his car, grabbed his phone from his hand, then launched it through a nearby building window.

The iPhone was later returned by the man who sat inside the building where it was thrown.

The man inside the building was also contacted by the British star's camp, according to TMZ. Brand will apparently pay for the costs of the window he broke. It is unknown, however, if Jackson's iPhone was broken, or if he will pay for the "criminal damages" the photographer accused him of.

Brand's outburst could have been because of the lady friend he had been with for most of the day. Paparazzi were taking pictures of both of them throughout the day, although no one has been able to identify the mystery brunette.

They were seen getting into Brand's purple and white car yesterday, and spotted getting romantic outside an ice cream shop in New Orleans.

"The woman went into the ice cream shop and when she came out he gave her a kiss," an eyewitness told Daily Mail. "They appeared very cute together, very together."

They were also spotted together in Hollywood last month. The new relationship comes only a few months after Brand's highly publicized December divorce from singer Katy Perry.

This latest incident involving Jackson isn't Brand's first time taking on paparazzi. In September of 2010, he shoved photographers who were taking pictures of him and Perry at LAX airport. He was later arrested on suspicion of battery, then released.

See a video of Brand's confrontation with several paparazzi and the mayhem that ensued here:

Russell Brand took on paparazzi at LAX in September of 2010 and was later arrested on suspicion of battery